At Muse, safety is priority and we strive for a zero injury environment on an daily basis. We understand that safety is paramount to any construction project big or small. With our comprehensive safety program we strive to ensure a safe working environment to protect our employees and your project.

Safety Management/Safety Committee

The Safety Committee was established to teach and improve safety regulations within the company and to get direct feedback from employees on company safety policies and procedures. This committee comprises of five Muse employees that serve a ninety day term. Each term two new employees are picked at random ranging from new hire laborers to any number of our 25+ year veteran employees. During a term the committee overviews company safety regulations and practices, receives feedback from the field and discusses ideas for improvement. While on the committee we strive to further each individual’s knowledge on how to use safety as a positive and productive tool on a day to day basis.

Safety Incentive Program

Throughout the work week individuals are recognized for safe practices as well as reporting of job sight hazards and near misses. At that time they are awarded a safety token in which can be redeemed for quality items at the company office.

New Hire Orientation

All new hire employees attend a safety orientation and training with our safety management team.

Muse Concrete Inc construction site safety policy

Scheduled OSHA and Equipment Training

All employees in the company are involved in Cal/OSHA safety training and equipment re-certification training throughout the year or as required.

Weekly Job Site Discussions

Each week or as the scope/conditions change on a project a 15-minute tailgate/safety talk takes place onsite between Foreman and crew. Specific project topics are discussed including recent injuries, unsafe acts and safety concerns.